6 easiest ways to increase sales on Instagram right now

6 easiest ways to increase sales on Instagram right now

Instagram is an excellent marketing channel. I’m sure you’re already doing your best to market your business through Instagram. Here are six of the easiest (and most effective) ways to increase your sales on Instagram and optimize your content.

Invest in Instagram ads

Advertising on Instagram can help you reach a new target audience. It’s a worthwhile investment, especially if your brand or business is relatively new.

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Instagram advertising has a fantastic ROI that may even save your business.

Run Instagram retargeting campaigns

To improve the effectiveness of your Instagram ads, use retargeting to engage people who’ve already visited your website.

Retargeting is advertising that explicitly targets website visitors who leave without making a purchase.

You can focus on one specific product when retargeting or use its carousel format to highlight similar items to help nudge customers in the right direction.

Make friends with influencers

A good Instagram influencer marketing strategy can help you get high traffic and more engagement, bringing higher returns/conversions.

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To increase the number of sales generated by influencer content, provide influencers with a discount code or promo link. If you intend to use multiple influencers to promote your products, assign each a unique code or link so you can track their individual conversions.

Instagram influencer marketing is also a great way to boost your search engine ranking because it gets more people talking about your brand. Studies have revealed that in comparison with paid advertising, customers generated through word-of-mouth advertising have a 37% higher retention rate.

Show your products in action

For your Instagram content to have a real impact, showcase the experience of actually using your products. Tell a story through your Instagram content using photos and videos that show your products in action.

Embrace user-generated content

User-generated content is another form of word-of-mouth advertising. Your existing customers will help create content that showcases your product.

However, some customers may not readily share your product images without your encouragement. To encourage them, you'll need to offer a reward or incentive, such as a chance to win something if they post photos featuring your product or hashtag.

For example, you could offer a chance to be featured on your official Instagram account or a chance to win freebies or gift cards. Make sure you encourage them to use that branded hashtag to help you track the effectiveness of your efforts.

Celebrate your existing customers. Think of their content as a living social proof for prospective customers who still have doubts about buying from you.

As a bonus, featuring user-generated content is an excellent way to show your customers how much you appreciate them.

Offer discounts or giveaways

Offering discounts or giveaways is one of the most effective ways to boost your sales on Instagram. It’s a cost-effective method to promote your products and increase sales.

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A study found that Instagram giveaways can help grow your followers 70% faster in three months than if you didn’t host a contest at all.

Through this method, you can also increase the awareness of your products or services as customers share news about the offer with their friends.
This then increases your engagement rate.

If your customers love your products or services, they won’t hesitate to talk about your brand and promote it. To reward such loyal customers, you can give them attractive offers such as a VIP discount or a membership to the top tier of your rewards program.

Instagram is a place where people turn their passion into purchases!
Don't hesitate to use it in your Instagram Sales Strategy.

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