What's Popping on Instagram Reels this September?

What's Popping on Instagram Reels this September?

Wondering what's sizzling on Instagram Reels this September? We've got you covered with the trendiest Reel trends of the month:

Trend: I Am An Autumn

Trend Recap: Fall is in the air, and the "I Am An Autumn" audio clip from Gilmore Girls sets the perfect backdrop for showcasing your favorite seasonal activities. From pumpkin carving to diving into a spooky book, what autumn wonders are you falling for this season?

Audio: Original audio - emilywelchstyle

Trend: Cry To Me

Trend Recap: Have something on your mind? Express it! Use this soulful cover of "Cry To Me" by Solomon Burke to share your thoughts, emotions, or simply your current mood.

Audio: Original audio - marcbroussard

Trend: Moon

Trend Recap: Get ready for some chill, retro vibes with the "Moon" audio trend. Pair it with text overlays to showcase a recent purchase, a day in the life, or a super aesthetic morning routine.

Audio: Moon - Siggerr

Trend: Midnight Pretenders

Trend Recap: Let the good vibes flow! Utilize the catchy melody of "Midnight Pretenders" by Tomoko Aran to share a glimpse of your day, your outfit of the day, or your favorite latte art.

Audio: Midnight Pretenders - Tomoko Aran

Trend: Paint The Town Red

Trend Recap: Whether you're giving a hair tutorial or flaunting a jaw-dropping makeup look, let Doja Cat's new single, "Paint The Town Red" be your creative canvas.

Audio: Paint The Town Red - Doja Cat

Trend: Mitscri Audio

Trend Recap: Soak up the last rays of summer or bookmark this versatile audio for your upcoming pumpkin spice latte (PSL) content because, well, 'tis the season!

Audio [Business Account Friendly]: Original audio - mitscri

So, whether you're capturing the essence of autumn, pouring your heart out, or simply vibing with the latest tunes, these Reels trends offer the perfect backdrop for your creative expression. Dive in and make your mark on the ever-evolving world of Instagram Reels!

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