What can an E-commerce offer on Instagram?

What can an E-commerce offer on Instagram?

Picture this: the year is 2040. You open Instagram on your phone, and after scrolling past Apple’s announcement of the iPhone 31 (;D) and your college acquaintance’s third marriage, you see it.

A jacket.

You love that jacket. You’ve wanted a lightweight jacket like that for the summer, and it’s being sold by one of your favorite eco-friendly and sustainable brands.

You press the one-touch buy button. Instagram chooses your correct size based on your saved measurements, applies a promotion the company is running (saving you a cool 10%), and withdraws the right amount of cryptocurrency from your saved payment information. It arrives on your doorstep within one hour by drone.

Okay, let’s rewind to 2023. Sure, maybe that’s the fantastic dream of shopping on Instagram in the future, but the current reality is pretty cool too!

So, as an eCommerce seller, what can you do for your customers on Instagram right now?

User-generated content

Selling on Instagram doesn’t always have to be totally in your face.

It shouldn’t be.

User-generated content allows your customers to see what your products look like in action. This also serves as a creative break from traditional planned posts and enables you to show your products from different angles.

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Instagram Shopping

In 2021, Instagram’s native shopping features underwent significant changes for e-tailers. Your followers can now use the Instagram Shopping platform to purchase products directly from your profile.

In short, Instagram Shopping integrates your product catalogs and tags into your Instagram feed to create a seamless shopping experience.