October Jams: The Hottest Reels Music Trends for Your Business

October Jams: The Hottest Reels Music Trends for Your Business

In this month's dive into the dynamic world of Instagram Reels, we unveil the tunes that can add a delightful beat to your business's content strategy. Let's set the tone for a melodic October on Instagram, from fall vibes to trending tracks.

Trend: Rihanna's Revival - "If It's Lovin' That You Want"

Rihanna's 2005 hit track, "If It's Lovin' That You Want," is coming back on Instagram Reels! Grab your bestie and vlog a coffee date, clips from your workday, or a weekend recap. The infectious beat of this throwback tune adds a nostalgic touch to your content. Don't miss out on the fun!

Audio: Original Audio - endlessmomdiary

Trend: Infuse Energy with "More Passion, More Energy"

Need a boost of motivation? All aboard the energy train with the "More Passion, More Energy" audio. Infuse a little more zest into filming your everyday tasks and inspire your audience with humor. Let the good vibes roll!

Audio: Original Audio - bigmanbanta

Trend: Thank You, Barbie! - A Little Encouragement Goes a Long Way

Sometimes, you only need a little encouragement, just like Barbie would offer! Use this soundbite to spotlight a menial task or a recent accomplishment you'd like more praise for. Let the positivity flow through your Reels!

Audio: Original audio - emilygstephens

Trend: Stayin' Alive - Spotlighting Content to a Catchy Beat

Whether it's a cafe review, a recipe, or a collection of clips from a recent photo shoot, this remixed Bee Gees track, "Stayin' Alive," lets you spotlight your content to a catchy beat. Keep the groove going and bring your creations to life!

Audio: Original audio - oguzdoganay0

Trend: Embrace Whimsy with "I’ve Been In Love"

"I’ve Been In Love," a whimsical track featuring Channel Tres, is picking up steam. It's the perfect background tune for OOTDs, throwback montages, or a product highlight or two. Let your creativity flow and capture hearts with this delightful melody.

Audio: I've Been In Love (feat. Channel Tres) - Jungle

Trend: Blast from the Past - "I Want It That Way!"

Anything you're in denial about? Pair this vintage Backstreet Boys track, "I Want It That Way," with text overlay and share it with the class — we promise not to judge! Unleash your nostalgia and get your audience grooving to the classics.

Audio: Original audio - julez540

Trend: "The Music That Starts Playing In My Head" - Capturing Confusion

This audio sums up a feeling we can all relate to—confusion. Use the trend to share a moment you simply could not relate to or understand. Let's turn confusion into a shared experience!

Audio: Original audio - kiss_myabs

Trend: Feel the Vibes with "The Girlies Love The Vibes"

Julia Fox knows the vibes, and so do you. Whether it's showcasing your space, an OOTD, or your product assortment, this is an easy sound to hop on — with multiple Reels reaching over 1M views! Feel the vibe and let your content shine.

Audio: Original audio - sareish

Trend: Scenic Vibes - "Back On 74"

Jungle's new track "Back On 74" has made its way to Reels, and it's the perfect addition to a scenic view, a day in the life, or a fresh tutorial. Set the scene and immerse your audience in captivating visuals.

Audio: Back on 74 - Jungle

Trend: Lujon - Adding a Vintage Touch to Your Moments

Romanticize the latest clip in your camera roll with this vintage track by Henry Mancini, "Lujon." Whether it’s a morning vlog or a sunset on the open water, this one will make waves and infuse your content with a timeless allure.

Audio: Original audio - theeverygirl

Trend: Feel Like a "Millionaire" - Show off Your Style!

Aaaand to the beat! Use this throwback Kelis track, "Millionaire (feat. André 3000)," to share your favorite clips all in one Reel — fit checks are strongly encouraged. Strut your style and let your uniqueness shine.

Audio: Millionaire (feat. André 3000) - Kelis

Whether capturing the essence of autumn, pouring your heart out, or simply vibing with the latest tunes, these Reels trends offer the perfect backdrop for your creative expression. Dive in, dance to your own beat, and make your indelible mark on the ever-evolving world of Instagram Reels.