Breaking the Mold: Why Pinning Posts Isn't Best Strategy

Breaking the Mold: Why Pinning Posts Isn't Best Strategy

A while ago, Instagram introduced a feature allowing users to pin up to three posts at the top of their feeds. This quickly became a popular trend, with many pinning their freebies, products/services, or what they consider their most valuable content.

However, at ENGE, we're taking a different path. We've chosen not to pin any posts to the top of our feed, and there are strong reasons behind this decision that aligns with our strategic approach to content.

Keeping Engagement Authentic

Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, made it clear that pinning posts at the top of your feed does not boost engagement. In fact, it could potentially harm your engagement in the long run. Most Instagram posts have a lifespan of 48-72 hours in terms of active engagement. By pinning old posts at the top, you encourage visitors to interact with outdated content, negatively impacting the reach and engagement of your newer, more relevant posts.

Preserving Content Cohesion

Our content is meticulously planned to flow seamlessly, like an engaging story. Pinning posts disrupts this flow, acting as a stumbling block for users progressing through our content. We aim for a portfolio-like experience where every post complements the preceding one, encouraging users to delve deeper and engage with multiple pieces. Pinning posts interrupts this natural flow and discourages a continuous journey through our content.

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Avoiding Implicit Prioritization

By pinning posts, you inadvertently convey to your audience that these are your most significant and valuable posts. However, we believe every post we create has value and deserves attention. We want our audience to perceive each post as a valuable contribution to their feed. Pinning posts could suggest otherwise, potentially diminishing the perceived value of the rest of our content.

While pinning posts is an interesting trend on Instagram, we firmly stand by the decision not to adopt it into our strategy. We prioritize maintaining a dynamic engagement experience, preserving the organic flow of our content, and ensuring that every post is seen as equally valuable.

We believe in adapting to new features and trends only when they align with your mission of fostering genuine engagement and delivering valuable content to your audience. For now, utilizing Stories and Highlights and occasional updates to your Reels feed lets you effectively capture your audience's attention and direct them to what's important.

Stay true to your strategy, and remember, not every trend is a perfect fit for everyone.

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