Audit Your Instagram Account

Audit Your Instagram Account

An Instagram audit is an opportunity to ensure your strategy and tactics are aligned with your business goals.

8 Steps to Conduct an Instagram Audit in 2023

Define Your Instagram Goals

Your Instagram account should be an extension of your overall brand strategy.

You're probably more focused on generating leads if you're a brand.
If you're a creator, you might be looking to improve engagement.

Check Your Branding, Voice, and Aesthetic

This magic creates a solid first impression and convinces users to follow you. Focus on your profile picture, Instagram Stories highlight covers, and pinned posts.

Is it obvious who you are and what you have to offer?

Review the Content You Share

If you're specifically focused on growth, prioritizing Reels and carousel posts is a massive advantage for reaching new eyes on the platform.

Assess Your Engagement Levels

A thriving community comes down to the relationships you build.

Is your audience commenting on your posts or saving them for later? Clicking the link in your bio? Sliding into your DMs? Are they tagging you in user-generated content?

Most importantly: are you having a two-way conversation with your community? And are you keeping track of your most engaged followers?

Evaluate Your Hashtag and Keyword Strategy

Instead of using the most popular Instagram hashtags and keywords, use smaller ones with an engaged audience relevant to your niche.
That way, you can reach and build a community of followers who will engage with your content.

Plus, the more you use niche hashtags and keywords, the more the Instagram algorithm will learn who you are and what you offer — thus serving your content to relevant users.

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Optimize Your Instagram Bio

Action + your brand’s story = the perfect Instagram bio.

Communicate who you are and what you do via the name field, bio description, and category feature.

Encourage users to take action with a compelling CTA to your website or a branded hashtag for collecting UGC.

Review Your Marketing Tools

There are tons of helpful tools that can help streamline your workflow — saving you time and effort.

The question is, are you using the right ones?

It would be best to have a few tools: scheduling, video content creation, and photo editing.

Level-up Your Analytics Reporting

Reviewing your Instagram Insights every week lets you see how your content is resonating and whether you're tracking toward your goals.

And that's that — your Instagram audit is officially complete.

And if you need more help, let us know! We’re here to help you with your strategy, content, and engagement.

Book a free consultation with our Instagram Expert to find out how we can help your business grow.

Enjoy Instagramming!

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